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2013 Harry/Draco Mpreg Fest Rules & Info!

art by vividescent
Art by vividescent. Banner by imera.


Prompting Begins: Jan 15
Last Day to Prompt: Jan 25
Claiming Begins: Jan 26
Last Day to Claim: March 10
Due: April 30
Posting Begins: May 12 (Mother's Day)
Reveals: June 16 (Father's Day)


What is the Harry/Draco Mpreg Fest?
It is an anonymous prompt-based fic and art fest focused on mpreg and the relationship between Harry and Draco. Please follow the three community rules found on our profile page:
•Harry/Draco relationship is a must.
•Harry or Draco must be one of the two to get pregnant.
•They must be male while pregnant.

How do I submit my prompts?
We will make a post specifically for collecting prompts. Please use the form provided on that post for submitting your prompts. You may post more than one prompt per comment. Please remember that this is a prompt fest (not a gift exchange). While the authors/artists will attempt to stick as close to your prompt as possible they are allowed some creative license, so please try not to make your prompts too super detailed and try to limit your squicks/dislikes to a bare minimum.

How many prompts can I submit?
You may submit up to ten prompts per person.

Can I submit prompts even if I'm not going to write/draw for the fest?
Yes, please do! We understand that not everybody is a writer or an artist, but we encourage your participation. You may leave a prompt without intending to claim one, and vice versa.

How do I sign-up for the fest?
We will make a post specifically for claiming. Please use the form provided on that post to claim your chosen prompt. You will be asked for your top three choices and you will be awarded your top choice as long as it has not been claimed by someone before you. Confirmations will be sent by email as soon as we are able. If you find that you have missed the claiming period and you would still like to join us, please contact the mods for more information.

How many people can claim the same prompt?
Each prompt may be claimed once for art and once for fic.

May I claim my own prompt?
Yes, you may claim your own prompt. In addition, if you don't see a prompt that you like, you may create one for yourself and comment with it on the claiming post.

What do you mean by "anonymous fest"?
Please do not tell anyone other than your beta(s) what the specifics of your story/art. We want the submissions to be kept as secret as possible. Once the fest is over, there will be a big reveal and authors/artists will be able to respond to all comments as well as post their submission to their own journal! Neither stories nor art may be posted anywhere else before the conclusion of the fest. You may only crosspost your submission any time after the fest masterlist and reveal has been posted. Please do not reveal which fic or art is yours until after that time.

What is the minimum length requirement for fic?
All entries must be at least 1,000 words in length. There is no maximum.

Are all genres and ratings welcome?
Yes, all genres are welcome in this fest! Romance, pwp, drama, humour, dark!fic, flangst, fluff, hurt/comfort, family, etc. If you can write/draw it, we want it as long as the theme of the fest is respected. We welcome G to NC-17 ratings.

Can I write a story that's part of an existing 'verse or that's a sequel, or am I allowed to submit a WIP?
All stories submitted must be unique to this fest. We prefer that they not be part of an existing 'verse or a sequel to another story, although if the story can stand alone, unrecognizable from the others, this will be considered on a case by case basis. You may only submit complete stories; WIPs will not be accepted. Additionally, you may not submit a story that you have previously posted. We want shiny, new, surprise fic and art that will blow our readers away!

Do I need to include html tags?
Yes, please include all appropriate html tags in the body of your story. If you don't know what html tags are, please Go check out phoenixacid's HTML Guide. Also, before you submit, please test your fic in your journal as a PRIVATE ENTRY to check your coding and spacing.

Does my entry need to be beta read?
Yes, all stories must be beta-read. If you do not already have a beta reader, you can try hp_betas and hp_betas_wanted. If you still have a problem locating a beta, please let the mods know asap. Mods reserve the right to proofread your submissions and return your fic/art to you if it is clearly not beta-ed and coded or if the header information is missing or wrong.

I'm done with my entry. Can I submit early?
Yes please! As soon as your entry is complete and beta read, feel free to email it to us. Once we've confirmed receipt, you are welcome and encouraged to claim an additional prompt if you so desire.

How do I submit my entry to the fest?
Email your entry to the mods’ email account: Fic should be sent in .docx, .doc, .rtf or html format. Art should be jpeg, gif, or png, please. Please include your header in both the .doc and the email. The subject of your email should clearly state: SUBMISSION - your name - and whether it is fic or art.

What header should I use?
Please use the following header for fic and art:

Will you offer extensions?
Extensions will be judged on an individual basis. Please try to keep to your deadlines. If you think you’ll need an extension, please try to give us as much notice as possible. We mods don't love last minute panics, it messes with our pretty schedules! However, we do understand that complications sometimes arise. Even if you're having problems with your submission or need to drop out (which we'd like to avoid, of course!), please talk to us! Communication goes a long way! We're not monsters, we're actually pretty easy to work with. :) All we ask is that you please email us if you need help making the deadline, or if you want to cry or rip apart your work and you just need some love and encouragement! This will not only allow us to assist you, but it will also help us to organize the posting schedule. Please send us an email and we'll try to find a solution.

What if I need to drop out? What are the consequences?
While we’d like to avoid drop-outs if at all possible, hey, we do understand that sometimes real life gets in the way of fandom. If it turns out you do need to drop out, please send us an email letting us know before the deadline for submissions and there will be no consequences.

I have a question that's not answered here. Where do I ask it?
Please direct your comments, concerns, inquiries, comments, Howlers, compliments, etc to:

If you intend to participate as an author/artist/reader, please join/watch harrydracompreg.

Thank you!


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